Sales outsourcing

The challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry and the related industries (OTC companies, medical engineering companies) have increased massively in recent years – cost pressure, reduction of their own staff, legal interventions, increasing demands for market cultivation, etc.

This pushed Marvecs to ask clients how they picture future collaboration with a leading service-providing company.

This is where the idea and concept of outsourcing all sales to Marvecs came from. In doing so, the KPIs for measuring performance and reporting were established so that as the client, you get an insight in the processes at all time and can step in at any time to make changes.

To give you an initial idea: Its not just the sales force that can be handed over to an external partner but the entire service provision from telesales to the digital infrastructure to the entire sales support. We will gladly explain the advantage this brings for efficiency and reducing costs in a personal meeting.