Patient Support Programmes

Across the globe, the pharmaceutical industry and other businesses such as medical engineering face the challenge of showing that the products being brought onto the market are significantly better than the pre-existing ones. This is measured on the basis of real health benefits to the patients.

Meanwhile, these is no doubt that costs in the healthcare system could be massively reduced if patients’ compliance and adherence was increased. According to figures published by WHO and other surveys, less than 50% of patients keep to the prescribed therapy. Patient support programmes can improve this rate considerably.

Since 2004, Marvecs has provided its patient support programmes, the latest one-to-one or telephone support and digital aids such as patient apps [IOS, Android].

As well as the topics that are already established on the market, we provide programmes to help quit smoking, to do more exercise and to lose weight.

On the topic of data protection: we work with the Marvecs Care Management IT system on a European platform. We can ensure that all data gathered are subject to the highest standards of security and are not shared with third parties.