Pharmacy services

We implement your pharmacy measures for pharmacy staff and customers on schedule in a targeted manner with:

  • Product information and sales
  • Training courses / workshops
  • Daily deals and promotions
  • Provisioning and shelf positioning
  • Store checks (mystery shoppers)

Marvecs also prefers to work with teams of permanent staff in pharmacy services. However, we also have a stable base of freelance pharmacy assistants who are equally highly motivated and dedicated to your products - they can be deployed in individual areas, as a trial project or nationwide.

You will benefit from our many years of experience in trade marketing and will achieve a high pharmacy coverage including ranking. We provide you with human resources for personnel support and project organisation. You will receive all the desired evaluations and reports via our modern sales management system.
This is how you yield success on the self-medication market.

What our clients say about us:

„We just couldn’t meet the demands with our own capacities. Because we serve a target group of 1,100 pharmacies and around 800 doctors that are each visited up to five times a year“, Katja Keufner, Director of Training at Vichy explains the reason for their on-going collaboration with MARVECS which began in January 2013.