The company

Marvecs- one of the leading sales and marketing partners for the healthcare industry

In 1999, Marvecs was a pioneer in external sales and sales force solutions. These days, sales outsourcing is practically the norm in the healthcare sector because, in most cases, it is more flexible and efficient than the classic in-house solution. 40 of the leading healthcare companies in Germany are currently being supported by us. We have successfully implemented more than 320 projects for our clients and in doing so, we have gained an enormous wealth of experience which our clients benefit from today.

Moreover, Marvecs is leading in the use of all available modern media and sale channels. In a time when markets are changing faster than ever before thanks to globalisation and digitalisation, it is of the utmost importance to be able to not only see new possibilities and opportunities, but to anticipate them. We see this as one of our most important tasks to be able to give our clients a real competitive edge.

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Our responsibility

Companies in the health sector have a particular responsibility towards staff, customers and partners, the environment and society.

On this basis, MARVECS GmbH has defined a behavioural code, the code of conduct.

Essential elements are the observation of human rights, equal opportunities, transparency as well as a clear stance against discrimination and corruption. They are based on the following cornerstones:

Equal opportunities/Diversity

Employees are assessed on their skills, performance and ethical behaviour. Gender, ethnic or social background do not have a role to play in this.


We are committed to open exchange with our clients, employees, suppliers, business partners and other organisations and institutions.

Conflicts of Interest

We expect our directors, management and employees to act morally irreproachably when dealing with conflicts of interest.

Fair competition

We are committed to the principles of the free market economy and fair competition. We operate our business exclusively according to the merit principle and on the basis of free, unimpeded competition.

Bribery and corruption

Our business and our employees are oriented towards the international anti-corruption standards as they are established in the “global compact” and national anti-corruption and bribery laws.


We feel compelled to continually improve our environmental record and the efficiency of our use of resources through preventative environmental measures.

Data Protection

The data protection commissary in our management ensures that all of our employee’s private spheres are protected and that all of the information that our clients entrust to us is under the strictest confidentiality.