Marvecs is founded and conquers
a market largely unknown to
Germany at the time with the idea
of external field service for
the pharmaceutical industry.


The first Marvecs service team with 20 field staff, 2 regional managers and one field manager is launched, with paediatricians as the target group.

  • 2001

    The first partnering (syndicated) service team
    is launched with 60 field staff, 5 regional managers
    and 1 field manager. The meeting capacity is split
    between 3 companies.


A new self-developed CRM system is employed to manage the Marvecs field service. For the first time, over 60 positions are filled for clients as part of labour leasing. New sales service teams are formed for the target groups neurology and gynaecology.

  • 2003

    For employees to meet increasing
    demands, Marvecs founds the a.c.a.d.e.m.y.
    The first basic agreements are
    concluded with the top 30 pharmaceutical
    companies for strategic collaboration.


Marvecs celebrates its fifth birthday. Its tasks are becoming more and more diverse, for example, Marvecs now supports a European company in establishing its business in Germany.


Marvecs not only takes on sales for individual products but all of the marketing as well.
The idea for a global approach is born.
We gain another target group for our clients: pharmacies. The field of pharmacy services starts operation and at the same time, the first Pharmacy Promotion Project is launched.
We delight our clients with our first client forum.

  • 2006

    As part of its patient focused programmes,
    Marvecs implements patient management
    programmes for chronically ill patients and
    is one of the first service providers to do so.
    The diabetes programme is launched first,
    followed by programmes in the field of CNS
    and rheumatoid arthritis.


Thanks to Santis GmbH, the patient consultation programmes get their own organizational foundation.
New positions are created with our clients, for example Market Access Manager.
Marvecs supports this with directed training and further education.


AMNOG (Pharmaceuticals Market Reorganisation Act) and the financial crisis – our clients change their approach. Marvecs assumes one of its client’s field staff. Marvin, Marvecs’ internal ERP system is rolled out.
Our applicants try out our new career website www.marvecscareers.


Marvecs turns 10 – Happy Birthday!

The reorganisation of the pharmaceutical industry continues. Now, as an established company in the market, we have become the go-to company for a variety of sales and marketing issues.
Other pharmacy projects such as store checks yield valuable results for our clients.


Turnover exceeds 30 million euros. We employ more than 400 people in over 45 joint ventures with our clients. A new sales approach is established with the service teams.


Marvecs goes digital.
Communication starts to diversify digitally. Marvecs won’t be left behind.

  • 2012

    Marvecs initiates the clinic services.
    From now on, Medical Science Liaison
    Managers are on hand for particularly
    demanding tasks.
    Marvecs implements the first sales “BPO”
    concept where sales, marketing and the
    whole infrastructure is rolled into a
    subsidiary for a client.


More multi-channel projects are successfully implemented. With the new holistic service package “sales 3.0”, a new era of pharmaceutical marketing has begun.


Marvecs is 15 years old and, despite being in its teens, it is one of the most experienced specialist in pharmaceutical sales and marketing in Europe. The first app (iOS, Android) for patients is launched.


Marvecs employees brake the 600 mark in terms of numbers. Demand for conceptual sales and marketing increases.


What applies to our clients applies to Marvecs: our clients are at the centre of all our endeavours.
This client-partner approach takes Marvecs off the beaten track in order to respond specifically to our clients’ needs and to develop tailor-made sales and marketing concepts with our clients.