4 reasons to choose Marvecs

Because we care deeply about the needs of our clients

One of our most important tasks is listening. What precisely are the problems and challenges that are there to be solved? What obstacles need to be overcome? What are the truly relevant advantages of the product and the benefits to the patient? What measures can we take so that you perform more successfully on the market than your competitors? How is the market developing? Which amended statutory provisions do we need to consider at a national and European level? What further changes to the sales conditions for pharmaceuticals and medical products can be expected? How can we make the activities of our sales force teams interlock seamlessly with those of the pre-existing staff?

We have the answers to all of these questions. Optimised over the course of more than 320 successfully implemented sales projects.

Because we know the challenges of the healthcare industry better than anybody.

For pharmaceutical and generic drug companies (prescription drugs):

The market for prescription drugs is subject to large fluctuations. Regulatory interventions by the agency for the regulation of prescription drugs, changes to employment law or changing communication habits of the target groups further restricts the planning horizon. Approval of new interesting compounds demand temporary reinforcement of the sales capacities.
The solution: flexible, adaptable sales modules with well educated, motivated sales force staff and modern cross channel approaches.

For manufacturers of OTC products:

In Germany, there are 21,000 pharmacies to be reached.
According to the indicators and category of goods, there are around 3,000-5,000 particularly interesting pharmacies. We know which ones they are.

Placing products in pharmacies with demand and sustainability is one of Marvecs’ specialities.

For medical engineering companies:

In this case, Marvecs’ experience ranges from plasters to modern surgical dressing with doctor or pharmacy response to complex products requiring explanation with services for clinics and nursing facilities.
The challenge is, as well as continuing to adhere to regulatory provisions, to manage and implement the various responses from doctors, pharmacies, clinics, care-homes and home care.

For biotechnology companies:

In this case, our model for the division of labour has proved successful: Everyone does what he does best. You have the pharmacological skill and produce first-rate products. We help you to market these in a first-rate way.

Because we recruit our staff with particular care.

Over the course of more than 320 projects implemented from 1999, we have developed a series of standardised procedures for recruiting which ensure that we always find the most appropriate and suitable employees for your tasks:

Who we can support with our services

Are you a producer of drugs or medical products and are interested in marketing these in the best possible way? You can find out here in which phase of your business activity we can help you the most:

Have you developed a new pharmaceutical or medical engineering product and want to be sure that it goes on the market quickly and efficiently?

Do you feel that some of your products are not reaching their full potential?

Are you rethinking your sales structure?

Do you suffer from staff shortages in sales?

If any of these apply to you or your company then you have come to the right place. Talk to us. Marvecs can solve all these problems quickly and efficiently.

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